Essential Financial Services that Help Communities Thrive

We bring together the drive of young entrepreneurs and the power of cutting-edge technology to bring safe and reliable financial services to underserved communities all over Africa.

We have support offices in South Africa with operations in Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. Since inception we have processed over $2 billion in transactions and been recognised by the Nike Foundation and the Unreasonable Group as one of the top ten start-ups best positioned to take girls out of poverty by helping them become entrepreneurs.

We Strive to Create a More Inclusive Economy

The majority of people in Africa have no access to formal financial services – and yet, rely on their family and community for support in helping them pay their school fees, cope with emergencies, find jobs, and save for their future.

We believe that technology and entrepreneurship can bring about transformative change in communities all over Africa, and we are committed to making this real.

Where It All Started

Our journey began in 2007 with a text message between two brothers. We started with nothing: No money, no people, no customers, and no business plan – just the Magrath boys ready to take on the world.

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We Grow The Local Economy

We work with emerging entrepreneurs in the countries where we operate and equip them to become Zoona agents.

We provide entrepreneurs with a micro-franchise “business-in-a-box” that enables them to offer financial services, serve their communities, employ staff, and earn an income.

Over 2 million people actively use our services through our agent network, creating thousands of jobs and stimulating the local economy.

Meet Our Team

We’re a veritable melting pot of cultures, languages, religions, genders, shoe sizes, hairstyles, beer drinkers, beer brewers, sock wearers, pen stealers, non-pen stealers, wine connoisseurs… you get the picture.

We love diversity. We don’t build walls, we tear them down!

Zoona is Built on Great Relationships

We can’t be disruptive in Africa unless we have people who see the world differently and who aren’t scared to show it. We’re extremely proud of the amazing people who have joined us, and continue to join us on this incredible journey.

Our Journey

We started the company in Zambia with intent; to proactively build a more inclusive economy.

There have been many ups and downs in our journey to building Zoona into what it is today. When people ask about some some of our challenges, we usually laugh and reply; “there have been no failures, only huge learnings.”