Mike Quinn

Zoona Group CEO

Mike Quinn is the Group CEO of Zoona. He ensures that we are making our vision real, and achieving our Wildly Important Goals.

Mike holds an MBA with distinction from Oxford University where he was a Skoll Scholar for Social Entrepreneurship. He also holds an MSc in Management Development from The London School of Economics.

Mike grew up in Calgary, Canada where he completed an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at The University of British Columbia, before pursuing his passion for driving impact in Africa.

Lelemba Phiri

Zoona Chief Marketing Officer

Lelemba Phiri is the Chief Marketing Officer at Zoona. Lelemba makes sure that we understand and connect with our customers on a deeper level, and that we actively listen in order to establish customer needs.

Lelemba is an award-winning financial educator, writer, keynote speaker, and finance and development professional. She is also the co-founder of The Africa Trust Academy, and has worked with private, public, and government institutions for over nine years. With experience that extends across South Africa, Zambia, The Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola and other Sub-Saharan countries, Lelemba is an expert in marketing for the African continent.

Brett Magrath

Zoona Chief Product Officer

Brett Magrath, along with his brother Brad, co-founded Zoona in 2009.

Brett is our Chief Product Officer, and is responsible for driving innovation and opportunity within Zoona. Brett’s focus is on identifying customer needs and developing new ways to use technology and operational processes to meet those needs.

Brett has a particular entrepreneurial passion for Africa, and has been involved in numerous businesses within the telecoms and mobile money sectors. Prior to his shift towards purpose-driven entrepreneurship, Brett spent five years as a Business Analyst for JP Morgan in London.

Misozi Mkandawire

Zoona Managing Director: Zambia

Misozi Mkandawire is the Managing Director of Zoona in Zambia. Before stepping into this role in 2017, Misozi was one of Zoona’s most successful agents in Zambia. Over a period of five years, she grew her business from one to twenty-seven outlets, created employment for forty-three members of her community, and turned over a million dollars every month.

Her entrepreneurial journey gained international recognition, and she is seen as an example of The Girl Effect in action. Misozi happily joined the Zoona Zambia management team in order to empower other agents to achieve this level of success.

Shungu Chirunda

Zoona Chief Regulatory Officer

Shungu is the Chief Regulatory Officer at Zoona and is responsible for legal, compliance, governance and stakeholder engagement. Shungu supports Zoona’s growth and expansion strategies with her robust understanding of regulation and builds relationships between Zoona and our regulators and partners. This is to ensure that Zoona actively participates in discussions about innovation, development, technology and financial inclusion in Africa.

Prior to joining Zoona, Shungu was the Head of Government Affairs for British American Tobacco’s Southern African Area. Shungu has over a decade of experience in public affairs and regulation management in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Shungu holds a Bachelors Degree in Law from London South Bank University, a Masters Degree in Law from The University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and a Certification in FinTech Future Commerce from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Brad Magrath

Zoona Chief Operations Officer

Brad Magrath, along with his brother Brett, co-founded Zoona in 2009.

As the Chief Operations Officer at Zoona, Brad ensures that our daily business activities are aligned with our Wildly Important Goals, and that we are doing everything we can to help communities thrive.

Brad is passionate about entrepreneurship and has established multiple profitable businesses in both Zambia and Malawi. Brad has over fifteen years of Senior Management experience as Managing Director of Plascon, Commercial Director of what is now MTN, and General Manager of Carpe Diem.

Brad established and chaired the Zambian South African Business Association, as well as the Zambian Payment Association. He is also an active member of The National Financial Sector Development Committee in Zambia through which he engages with the private sector, banks and government to establish payment and banking policy.

Killy Kanjo

Zoona Managing Director: Malawi

Killy Kanjo is the current Managing Director of Zoona Malawi. Prior to joining Zoona, Killy was the Chief of Party for a USAID funded project which served to accelerate mobile money and digital financial services in Malawi, with particular focus on serving underbanked and unbanked communities.

Killy has worked in the financial services sector for 15 years, and is passionate about spreading financial inclusion, and empowering women in Malawi.

Killy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from George Mason University, as well as an MBA from The Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute.

Keith Davies

Zoona Chief Financial Officer

Keith is the Chief Financial Officer at Zoona where he leads the Finance, Data Analytics, and Risk and Compliance functions of the organization.

Keith was formerly the African Strategist at CitiBank, and has over ten years of experience in Corporate Investment Banking and Enterprise System Development. Keith holds an MBA from Oxford University.

Andre Penderis

Zoona Chief Technical Officer

Andre Penderis is the Chief Technical Officer at Zoona. Andre ensures that we are building the best products and remaining at the cutting edge of innovation, so that our customers have the best possible experience when using our services.

Prior to joining Zoona, Andre was the Chief Technical Officer at PayU, a leading online payment system in South Africa. Andre scaled the PayU technology team from two individuals to eight full scrum teams with presence in sixteen African markets. PayU is now the number one payment gateway in South Africa.

Andre holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Erica Hannath

Zoona Head of People

Erica Hannath is the Head of People at Zoona. Erica brings seventeen years of Human Resources and Organisational Effectiveness to Zoona, and was formerly the Head of Organisational Effectiveness in Emerging Markets at Pearson Education Global.

Erica holds an Honor’s Degree in Education, as well as an Executive MBA from Wits Business School.