Our Business Timeline

Our Love Letter to Africa

Welcome to our journey.

We believe Africa is the next frontier of innovation and we like nothing better than plunging in and going where no one has gone before. Scarcity? We aren’t scared of scarcity. It’s what drives us to create the best possible solutions.

We hope you enjoy our story, and we welcome you to join us on this crazy adventure!


Zoona is Founded

Company is started by two brothers from Kitwe in Zambia.


Zoona is Awarded Best Mobile Money Startup in Africa

We win the prestigious mobilemoney.com award.


Zoona Raises $4 Million in Series A Funding

Zoona raises $4 million in an investment round led by Omidyar Network (by eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar) and Accion Global (now known as Quona Capital).


Zoona is Awarded Best Mobile Use in Africa

Zoona wins the Kalahari award.

How It All Started

Our journey begun in 2007. We started with nothing: No money, no people, no customers and no business plan – just the Magrath boys ready to take on the world.


The Girl Effect Accelerator

Zoona is selected as one of the top 10 companies worldwide best suited to taking women and girls out of poverty.


Zoona is Launched in Malawi

Zoona enters its second market.


Zoona Passes 1 Million Active Customers

More than 1 million people now use Zoona on a regular basis in Zambia and Malawi.


Zoona Launches its Employee Stock Option Pool

Zoona follows in the footsteps of Google, Facebook, and other technology giants by providing stock options to all employees.

The Girl Effect

In 2014 Zoona was identified as one of the top ten companies in the world to bring women and girls out of poverty. The Girl Effect Accelerator allows us to amplify our efforts of empowering women and providing employment opportunities for them and their communities.


Zoona is launched in Mozambique

Zoona enters its third market.


Zoona Raises $15 million Series B Funding

Zoona raises $15 million in an investment round led by the IFC (Member of the World Bank), where existing investors double their investment and former Google CFO Patrick Pichette also joins as a Zoona board advisor.


Zoona Supasses $1 Billion in Transaction Value

More than $1 billion has been transacted through Zoona.


Zoona is a Finalist in The PriceCheck Fintech Awards

Zoona is a finalist in the PrichCheck Fintech awards for best mobile payment platforms.

Making an Impact in Africa

Read about our CEO’s experience as he gets first-hand experience with our top agents and entrepreneurs in the field.


Zoona is Included in The KPMG Fintech 100 List

Zoona is one of only two companies selected by KPMG for this prestigious fintech index.


Zoona Wins ALN Social Entrepreneurship Award

Zoona founders collect this Africa Leadership Network Award on behalf of Zoona.


Zoona’s Support Office in Cape Town Relocates

Zoona moves it’s Cape Town hub support offices to new state of the art facilities.


Zoona Launches a New Product – Sunga Pockets

Zoona’s new savings product – a secure wallet for consumers, is launched in Zambia.

Join Zoona and Be Part of Africa’s Success Story

Africa is awakening. Technology has unleashed a wave of change across the continent and has improved thousands of lives!

Zoona is scaling up and this is your chance to join Africa’s fintech success story and make a difference.