Building The Rural Economy

Mr Mundia is our eldest and wisest Agent and is fondly referred to as co-founder Brad Magrath’s “brother from another mother.”

Mr Mundia came on-board as an Agent in 2009 when Zoona was first established, and is one of our top and longest-serving Agents to date. This Father and Grandfather did not think that being an Agent would be a fruitful business venture when he first started out, but after seeing the impact his first outlet had in his community, he has never looked back.

Mr Mundia actively seeks to establish Zoona outlets in hard-to-reach rural communities in Zambia. He chooses areas with no network coverage and takes essential financial services to the people there. He then lobby’s the government to improve the infrastructure in these communities by setting up cellular roaming towers and providing locals with internet connectivity and network coverage.

His dream is to continue serving those who do not have access to the amenities and services found in big cities, and to strengthen the smaller, rural economies in that way.


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These are just snippets of remarkable human stories that we can’t possibly convey fully in just a few words. Yet there is a common thread that binds our agents to each other and to everyone at Zoona.

These agents are entrepreneurial, committed, and full of integrity. They act with a spirit of togetherness, and they like to have fun while they work. Our best agents embody Zoona’s core values and exist to help their communities thrive. It’s an honour to celebrate their success.