Creating Change in Malawi

Elesiba Hauli hails from Blantyre in Malawi where she runs her own business as a Zoona Entrepreneur.

Born into a large family, Elesiba is the second eldest of 6 children and attained a diploma in Community Development after high school. Unfortunately, finding a job was difficult for Elesiba. This was largely due to the hostile economic climate in Malawi as well as the state of the cash driven economy.

Elesiba was approached by Zoona and offered the opportunity to, with our support, work towards becoming a successful entrepreneur while simultaneously addressing the issue of financial exclusion in her community.

Having only recently expanded into Malawi in 2014, Elesiba had to work extra hard to show her customers that the service she offers is easy, quick, and safe. It wasn’t easy. Many locals were extremely distrusting of a brand they had never heard of and hesitant to trust her with their money.

Elesiba persevered and now runs 7 outlets in Blantyre and creates employment for Malawian youth at each of her outlets.

She is confident that her decision to join Zoona will have an enormous positive impact in Malawian communities who don’t have access to financial services and she looks forward to being part of that change.


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