“As Zoona Grows, I Grow”

Mercy is a 28-year-old Zoona entrepreneur who hails from Ndola in Zambia. Ndola is the second largest city in Zambia’s bustling Copperbelt region, which is a notoriously difficult market to crack. However, Mercy did not let this deter her and she now runs 15 successful Zoona outlets.

As the youngest of six siblings, Mercy knew very early on that she had to rely on her own smarts to pave her career, and in 2013, when she was introduced to Zoona, she sprang at the opportunity.

She was provided with a Zoona booth and start-up capital, and after running her outlet successfully for some time, a Zoona top-performing Agent approached her and offered to help her expand her business. She then built on this momentum until she had 15 busy outlets and 21 employees.

Mercy was so overwhelmed by the support she received from Zoona, that she felt that she wanted to empower some of her Tellers in the same way. She now has a Teller pipeline of her own through which she empowers Tellers who have been with her for at least a year to become Zoona Agents in their right. She does this to show appreciation, and to grow the network of successful entrepreneurs in her community.

When we asked Mercy what her thoughts are on how far she has come, she had the following to say: “As Zoona grows, I grow. Zoona has empowered me and I want to do the same for other people.”


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These are just snippets of remarkable human stories that we can’t possibly convey fully in just a few words. Yet there is a common thread that binds our agents to each other and to everyone at Zoona.

These agents are entrepreneurial, committed, and full of integrity. They act with a spirit of togetherness, and they like to have fun while they work. Our best agents embody Zoona’s core values and exist to help their communities thrive. It’s an honour to celebrate their success.