Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship with Kiva

In 2012, Musanide Chirwa started out as an aspiring entrepreneur appealing to KIVA lenders to help him kick-start his entrepreneurial journey, and spread financial inclusion in his community in Zambia.

Since being funded by KIVA lenders, Musanide has managed to grow from one outlet to 26. He has also managed to create employment for 30 people who assist him to provide an essential financial solution to those who need it most.

Musanide’s story is not isolated. There is an ever-growing network of almost 1600 Zoona emerging entrepreneurs across Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, and thanks to KIVA, they are given the opportunity to invest in themselves and change their own lives.


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These are just snippets of remarkable human stories that we can’t possibly convey fully in just a few words. Yet there is a common thread that binds our agents to each other and to everyone at Zoona.

These agents are entrepreneurial, committed, and full of integrity. They act with a spirit of togetherness, and they like to have fun while they work. Our best agents embody Zoona’s core values and exist to help their communities thrive. It’s an honour to celebrate their success.