We’ve got 2000+ agent locations in Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. View our core services below.

Money Transfers

The easy, quick, and safe way to send money.

Bill Payments

Pay all your bills in one convenient place.


The smart way to grow your business.

Sunga Pockets

A safe and easy way to save your money.

Bulk Payments

Easily pay staff or employees in one transaction.


An every-day transaction account for mobile.

Financial Services Right Where You Are

Zoona is made possible by local entrepreneurs in your community. Our products are available through our agent networks and kiosks in Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique.

Money Transfers

Zoona’s Money Transfers helps you send money to family and friends, pay employees, or simply move money around in a safe and secure way.

Sunga Pockets

Saving for school fees, a new mobile phone, or to launch your own business? Sunga Pockets helps you save money in an affordable and accessible electronic pocket.

Bill Payments

Pay your electricity, water, pay-tv subscriptions, or other bills all in one convenient place.

Bulk Payments

With our Bulk Payments you can pay up to 500 employees in a safe and secure way – even if they don’t have bank accounts.

How Entrepreneurs Make Zoona Possible

We work with emerging entrepreneurs in the countries where we operate, providing them with the technology, capital, and business support to start their own business as Zoona agents.

These local entrepreneurs help bring our services to you and thousands of other communities, they create jobs and earn a good income, and they give you access to money when you need it most.

Customer Support

Please contact our customer support team for assistance with Zoona products or if you need information about Zoona agents in your city: support@ilovezoona.com.

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