The King of Kabwe

Paul Katumbi, more affectionately known as “The King of Kabwe”, is one of the most successful Zoona Agents.

Born in Lusaka, Paul was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug after working at a Cairo Road Zoona outlet, as a Teller. Paul saw the growth opportunities Zoona offered, and aspired to become an Agent himself.

Paul’s former Agent saw potential in him, and recommended him to Zoona. He was then offered an opportunity to become a Zoona Agent, and asked to set up in Kabwe, a city he had never visited, let alone lived in.

Paul diligently marketed his services by going to restaurants, pubs and even door to door until slowly but surely, customers started to trickle into his outlet.

Paul now runs 20 outlets and employs 23 people, 17 of which are women. Paul is passionate about the empowerment of women in his community, and makes a concerted effort to uplift his female employees. Thanks to him unleashing the girl effect among his employees, his very first employee, Sharon, is now a qualified teacher.


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These are just snippets of remarkable human stories that we can’t possibly convey fully in just a few words. Yet there is a common thread that binds our agents to each other and to everyone at Zoona.

These agents are entrepreneurial, committed, and full of integrity. They act with a spirit of togetherness, and they like to have fun while they work. Our best agents embody Zoona’s core values and exist to help their communities thrive. It’s an honour to celebrate their success.