Integrity- “We do what we say, and our words match our values”, this is how we define Integrity at Zoona. This was evident on the 6th August, 2018 when one of our agents Thabo Linda Sitima gave back a “whooping” MK 2.2million to bank after her teller, Cecilia Chikwati discovered an excess of that amount while doing a her end of day reconciliation

“Thabo with her teller Cecilia Chikwati”

It was a normal day for Thabo as she was busy running her duties as an agent in Ntcheu, making sure that all her outlets have enough cash and ready to serve her loyal customers. While Thabo was away, her teller Cecilia contacted her to tell her that she required funds to service customers. Thabo made a cash request of MK2.2million and, without hesitation Cecilia went to FDH bank to cash out the money. The bank teller gave Cecilia an extra of MK 2.2million meaning she left the bank withMK4.4million.Everything was happening so fast, both Cecilia and FDH bank teller did not realize that the bank teller had given the teller an extra Mk2.2million.   

“2.2Million Kwacha which was surrendered back to the back”

Cecilia came back to her outlet and continued to transact, servicing as many customers as possible. This time of the month outlets are very busy with Mukuru customers who mostly do cash withdrawals and this decreases agent cash very quickly.

Evenings in a booth consist of tellers balancing out the day’s money transfers. This is something that Cecilia does every evening, but on this specific evening she found that she had more cash than usual. Cecilia was not concerned because she thought Thabo had transferred money into her account without her knowledge or Zoona had increased her float.

Thabo arrived at the booth and checked the float, she was concerned that her teller had more cash on hand than usual and decided to contact Zoona to confirm if there was any float increase, which was not the case. Thabo told her teller that she had made no transfers that day for that amount.

After an in-depth investigation Thabo concluded that the money was actually the bank’s. She called the bank Manager to confirm if their end of day reconciliations had a shortfall of MK 2.2million. The bank manager confirmed that this was the exact amount, which was found to be missing. In the end everyone at the bank including the bank Manager were happy at this behavior demonstrated by the Zoona agent and teller.

To know our values is important, but for our agents and tellers to live by them, it’s a win in our line of business.